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Grow Your Own Herbal Garden

Herbs are a necessity for cooks and chefs who love that aromatic flavor that they give to their dishes and even certain drinks as well.

Gardeners that love to grow herbs take pride in the garden that they have created and from their experience, they know which herbs pair well and grows great together.Some herbs take very little time to maintain and are hardy and resistant to many pests and diseases.

Herbs were used since biblical days and even from creation and were used to heal all manner of ailments.

How To Grow Your Herbs

You can start growing your herb seeds by sowing in good soils,with good drainage and you can source your soil from your hardware store or stores that sell seeds along with some planting trays and other supplies that can help you to build a successful herbal garden.

Elevating Your Herbs

Elevated and raised boxes, made from wood, plastic, galvanize is ideal and easy to work with. The advantage when working with raised boxes or elevated boxes is that you don’t need to bend and stoop low. You can easily manage your herbs and have fewer weeds that can be easily removed.

Another advantage of this raised garden is that the soil keeps moist and requires less watering than if planted directly in the ground.

Different Types Of Herbs

What a treat, what a treasure to grow fresh herbs in your garden that can gives our food flavor as well as health benefits. The more sunlight your herbs get is the more intense your flavor will be.

Basil: A key ingredient for many Mediterranean cooking and is used widely worldwide. This herb can be grown year round with good care in tropical climates and seasonal in the temperate regions.

Basil can be grown outdoor in green houses during spring, summer, even certain times in the fall and be grown inside during the cold seasons. There are many varieties of basil such as Thai, lemon, and others such as:

This type of basil is common in dishes, salads and marinades, it also makes a good cup of te

Thai Basil:I love the aroma and flavor of this basil it is decorative with a licorice flavor. This basil is great in stews, stir fries

pasta curries etc.

Coriander: This herb is popular in Latin and Asian cooking, this is also called Chinese parsley.

Rosemary: This is an amazing,aromatic, woody shrub herb used for healing and culinary purposes. It is said to be good for growing the hair, good form the brain and many diverse uses. jjT

Delicious in roasted potatoes, in sauces, or whatever you like. If you are cultivating in pots water consistently but do not over water this herb or you will lose it. Just keep: it moist and nice.

Parsley:There are two main types of parsley, flat leaf and curly parsley. Planted in pots or directly into the soil,this herb grows easily in partial shade or in full sunlight where the aroma and taste of the herb will be stronger. This herb can be planted all year round in tropical climates or from spring to autumn in temperate regions or grown indoors during the cold season.

Mint:This herb is easy to grow and a fast grower as well.Mint can take up a lot of space and grows rigorously. If you are planting in a container keep moist, not wet.

Mint is great in tea, drinks, pasta and salads whether savory or fruity. Some times of mint are: Spear mint, Chocolate, peppermint and mojito.

Thyme:One of my favorite herb. I love the flavor ,so versatile and can be used in lots of dishes. This herb is so easy to grow and does not love to be over watered in fact thyme is drought tolerant and is very decorative, aromatic and really beautiful in bloom.

Sage: A native to Mediterranean , and enjoy in dishes all over the world and it is said to be a member of the mint family. Greenish grayish color with a woody stem and this herb is used in stews, sauces and many other culinary delights.

Herbs A Necessity Of Life

Having a herb garden in your backyard, in pots or grown in your kitchen is a great necessity for cooks and chefs alike. It can save you a lot of money which one can use for other things and another advantage of growing herbs for yourself is that you can harvest right from the backyard or kitchen into your food.

These herbs are necessary for our life,many have medicinal use and has been around as long as man have been around. So start a herb garden today,it does not have to be an expensive project in fact it is very inexpensive and can be grown from pots,pans old containers and right in your kitchen on your window sill.

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