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Exercise Is Essential During Covid

Exercise is really essential in everyday living and even more so during the covid 19 pandemic. It keeps the body in proper order, it is a great depressor for stress and depression and the likes. Exercise makes one feel more energetic, it releases endorphin which can make the body feel relaxed throughout the day. It improves one’s mood and so many advantages. So we see that exercise makes a huge difference in our lives.

Research from UCLA has demonstrated that exercise increase growth factors in the brain, which makes it easier for the brain to grow new neuronal connections.

Neuro scientist at Cambridge university have shown that running stimulates the brain to grow new grey matter and this has a big impact on mental abilities. These researchers are saying that a few days of jogging led to the growth of hundreds of thousands new brain cells that improve the ability to recall memories without confusing them. This skill is crucial for learning and other task, so we see how important and essential exercise is. We know exercise will strengthen our minds and bodies and certainly will build up our communities and give protection to ward off the Corona virus.

Moderation Is The Key

One hour every day five days a week, exercise is sufficient for our physical and mental fitness. Working out don’t have to be tedious as many thinks, in fact it can be fun.

Moderation is the key especially for beginners and those with health issues. During exercise if you are feeling pain, feeling exhausted or over whelmed stop and rest and consult your physician. Persons with health issues can research and find exercise that is suitable for their condition. Be sure to make time for exercise whether its walking, jogging, dancing,hiking, gardening, yoga, bike riding, whatever your means of exercise is remembered to dedicate time for your health.

Other activities that can give us motivation as well as satisfaction while getting some exercises are: Walking the dog, gardening, planting flowers and trees and veggies that you love while getting a work out and feeling satisfied with what you have accomplished.

Benefits Of Regular Exercise

* Helps with memory and brain health

*Helps with relaxtion

*Increase energy levels

* Helps with weight loss

* Helps prevent diseases

* Helps to build strong bones and muscle mass

*Help to keep you stress free

*Exercise produce endorphins that make us feel good

Hormones such as Serotonin and norepinephrine when produce through exercise can relieve feelings of depression and stress etc and exercise can help us to be more focus and aware.IT is good for young and old alike.

In Times Like This

During this covid time when our older relatives are with us and are immunity may be fragile, encourage them to exercise to help strengthen their immune system. Research several gentle exercises that are suitable for the elderly.

As we age we lose muscle mass and exercise will help with this gradually. So we see exercise is truly essential to our lives, it helps to build bone density which can prevent osteoporosis whether we are young or old. It also helps with our mental functions.

So don’t sit behind a computer, your phone, in front of the television, we can exercise together as a family which is a plus that can strengthen our bond which is important for a strong family foundation.

Exercise That Can Be Done At Home

There are a wide variety of exercise that can be done at home. We can check YouTube and google for some inspiration. There are great exercise books that we can also use. Exercise moves such as seal jacks, air squats, bear crawl, push-ups forward lounges, jumping jacks and so much more.

Exercise during these times of covid can be life saving and fulfilling. It can deter diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

Ways that exercise can be made more fun and easier is to work out with music and have a partner to work out with. Use a timer to monitor the amount of time you want to put in.

Using Fitness Apps

Our phone is an important and multi functional tool. Download exercise apps for exciting exercises and tips how to keep in shape. Yoga. Cardio, so many to choose from. Exercise apps are really convenient and easy to use in contrast to exercising with the tv.

Just Move

It is known that people who are infected with the covid 19 virus developed blood clots that can be very lethal. So get up and move around every 30 minutes at a time and take a few stretches and breathe in breaths of fresh air.

If you are working from home and find 30 minutes to take a break to stretch is too distracting and tedious, stand up and work instead so that you have a better circulation.

Dancing is great fun and excitement for you and your family, dance with dance videos while you can learn new dance moves, dance while you watch your favorite artist concerts, move along with exercise videos. These are great opportunities for the family to spend time together gelling. Exercise makes us feel good about ourselves.

A Few Safety Measure

(1) Wash hands regularly

(2) Stay at least 4 feet apart

(3) Cough and sneeze in tissues or rags then discard or clean responsibly

(4) Avoid touching your face with your hands

Always try to eat a balance diet and get good rest. Fresh produce like fruits and veggies is always the best to eat when you can.

Keeping Your Area Clean

Remember to wipe regularly the things that you most frequently touch and the area that you inhabit the most to keep the threat of the virus far away.

Remember to be safe and practice all the safety guidelines that we learn about for the betterment of ourselves and our families.

How is your experience with the covid ? Now anyone who has been infected? What do you think about this article ? Any feed back, any ideas? Feel free to comment. Thanks.

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