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Air Fryers

Air fryers are somewhat a counter top appliance or convection oven, that cooks its food by circulating hot air around

it. The heat comes from the top and is accompanied by a powerful fan.

Tips About Air Fryers

*There are different shapes and sizes, many varieties of air fryers. Some may vary in uses e.g dehydrate or rotate.

* when buying an air fryer research and see what model suits your needs.

* There are many smart air fryer that have touch screens for setting.

* There are smaller versions of air fryers that are ideal for small kitchen and prepare food portions for one.

* Air fryers toaster ovens are perfect for larger families since the basket can hold more food than other model. This kind of fryer is a multipurpose appliance, it is a toaster, oven and air fryer.

* Using this appliance is a healthier way to enjoy fry foods without the calories.

* How the air fryer works, heated air is circulated around the food placed into a basket compartment to roast or bake food evenly.

* Use a air fryer as a healthy alternative instead of a deep fryers.

* There are removable meshes and other parts that are easy to clean up.

* There are lots of names brand air fryers so find the one that suits you the best.

*Air fryers price range from $ 55 to $ 3oo- $400. From about 2 quarts to 5.8 quarts.

* Do not over crowd your air fryer compartment because what you will find is that some of the foods will be soggy and not cooked evenly.

* Chefman, Cuisinart, George foreman, Best buy, Home depot, Amazon, Walmart, Target are some of the major retail stores where you can find this product.

images of different types of air fryers

Pros and cons of air fryer.

* help the readers to make a smart choice, when deciding to purchase an air fryer.


Qualities to love about the air fryer.

* Cooks faster than an oven or stove, the heat is circulated within and does not escape outside .

* The air fryer does not require a lot of energy to use. It cooks faster with less energy.

* Airfryers are small and compact and can easily be moved around. It is ideal for small kitchen space.

* Foods are healthier that are cooked in the air fryer because it uses less oil than other frying methods and another plus is that the excess oil drains away from the food.


* Most air fryers only make small volumes of food and need to cook in batches if there are large volumes to cook.

* Food can dry out quickly if you do not monitor, that’s because of the high temperature and the little oil that is used.

Have an air fryer?

So do you have an air fryer? What do you experience when using it? Do you agree with the information i have written and do you want to add any comments or info that you think that i have not added? Go right a head and feel free. You are welcome.

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  1. Thanks for the informative post. We actually have an air fryer and we love it. I believe it is healthier than oils and even steam. Definitely a product I would recommend.


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