Organize and DYI

DIY Home Improvements

Want to give your home a face lift, a make over or what ever you want to call it. There are many ways and ideas DIY home improvements can be affordable and still increases the value of your home.

Change the bulbs in your house to energy saving bulbs which can help homeowners save a lot on their electrical bills. Shop around to check for the best prices available on the best energy saving products. Home owners can research on energy saving bulbs, appliances and smart technology can cut the cost of electricity and be environmentally friendly.

DIY Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity can be made from pieces of wood that is not costly like scraps or reclaim ed wood. One can research what will be needed for this project, how to build and what tools use and ask a friend with that skill set his or her advice.

Toilet paper, soap, shampoo magazine, plunger and other toiletries can be stored neatly in one place. This vanity can be built “in a handsome fashion” and painted in a color than compliments the color of your bathroom and your taste of course, making your bathroom more spacious attractive looking as well.

Over Head Storage For The Garage

Your garage does not need to be cluttered when it can be neat and roomy and organize if you installed a few racks and shelves to hold your bins, boxes and tools. These shelves can be built out of wood or metal be certain that it will be constructed strong and is sturdy to hold a lot of weight.Cupboard and overhead storage is very convenient and a good idea which leaves more space on the ground

Gardening tools could be stored neatly and nicely hanging on the garage walls by using knobs and hooks it also looks great.

Wall Art

Inspire yourself make your home look beautiful and finished with walls art decor, turninbg blank walls into works of artThere are many kinds of walls art that can be created in all manner of shapes, styles and colors.Wall art can consist of animals, plants and trees,natural landscape,drawings even inspirational quotes. There are many categories to choose from.

Different Shapes of Wall Art

There are different types of walls art that can be made out of various materials such as iron, wood,ceramics ,plastics, stone and shells and can be created in beautiful shapes and size, These walls art can be visually stunning and unique.

Wall Art Themes

Instead of one large piece of art taking up space, smaller art that have a theme can be erected in it’s space. These art works can be for example made of various flowers with diverse colors giving the home a feel of appeal and elegance.

Also choose pieces of walls art that will match your personality and fill your blank wall spaces also art that will make you feel inspired and confident about your creation(if it’s yours) and make people stare in awe.

Try to find art in a variety of different forms and medium to bring about contrast, texture and visual satisfaction. Wall art with a theme makes any home look finish and complete.

Wood Wall Art

Wood walls art is natural,warm and inviting and can be used in different shapes such as circles, squares,rectangles and done in any patterns and inspirational designs.

Flowers, patterns,leafs all these can be made into art. The possibilities are endless. Coral can also can be made into art whether it’s plain white or colored.Place your art at angles to form patterns or a puzzle.

DIY Charging Station

A wonderful idea to keep things neat and organize is a DIY charging station, where you can charge your techy gadgets such as your phones,laptop ,tablet etc. This is very convenient and our tech gears will not be easily misplaced but stay in one place,quick.easy and ready to go.

Organize Your Bedroom

In a small apartment or home we should purchase smaller furniture.IN the bedroom of a smaller house a smaller bed should be purchased to match your space. A bed with storage is very convenient to keep away the clutter and help keep your small spaces spacey.

Get creative by building tall neat shelves with wheels that can store all your books if you are a book lover and collector,even your ornaments in the ideal spot that slide like a sliding door motion to a doorway a bedroom or a bathroom.

Organize Your Pantry

Purchase affordable breathable basket to stack and store neatly your items in the pantry. Group certain food items together so that they are easy to find and in the same category. Keep items you most frequently use closer to the front.

Organize Your Bathroom

To organize your bathroom,throw away items that are expired or worn out to get rid of the clutter. Clear your counter tops and store your articles in your cabinets. What does not belong in your bathroom throw them out or store them in relevant storage places.

Stack small baskets or containers to store your items if there is not enough spaces in your vanity cabinet and cupboards. Toss away medicines and pills that are outdated to organize your bathroom spaces better.

Home and Garden Products

In this day and age when there is so much food that is GMO or full of fertilizers, the best thing to do is to build your garden organically.There are many benefits to be derived.

Even though some homes have little space to build a vegetable garden, pots,boxes,containers, old tires ,buckets could be made good use of. The many ways a vegetable can compliment you and your home.1. Hearty delicious veges and fruits can lower your food bill.2. An organic garden adds beauty and more oxygen, nutrients and life to enrich your soil.

Don’ts in The Garden

Don’t use synthetic fertilizers to pollute your soil, use natural compost also sheep, fish , seaweed, for better soil and healthier plants vegetables and flowers.

Don’t over water

Don’t over water your plants and vegetables this will cause them to die of root rot. A balance of sunshine and water is the right recipes for plants to thrive.

Do Not Plant In Excess Shade

The majority of plants need 6-8 hours of sunlight to thrive, so plant your seeds or trees in open areas that is in the sun direct light. Only certain crops like lettuce,asparagus to name a few can grow healthily in semi-shaded area and still produce great food.

DIY Every Day

There are many small projects we can DIY and with a little research and motivation and help from our friends and family it can be done easily.

If the home is spacious or small organizing your things by grouping together and storing in cupboards and cabinets or containers and baskets can be used to make your home more spacious and less cluttered can easily be achieved with a little work.

DIY jobs or projects and organizing and go hand in hand and is done everyday in every way by many an ones and is a necessity in everyday life.