Comfort and Gratification

Creative Home Enhancement

One creative home enhancement project that you can get really creative with is the flooring. Flooring for the home does not have to be a complicated or expensive thing. There are a lot of floor ideas to choose from. Whether the flooring is intended to be made out of board or wide arrays of decorative tiles that can satisfy your peculiar taste and unique styles. Dark or light colors can be used to compliment your homes decor, beautiful and eye-catching with a variety of shapes,patterns of different dimensions.

Floor Tiles

Tiles and stones is another decorative option for the floor when creatively enhancing your home.Floor tiles has many varieties you choose from. Size,color,shapes and styles made from various material’s.

Tiles adds interest, beauty another level to decorate creatively. A unique flooring should be durable and can last a long time and adding value to your home. We can lay tiles at different angles for diverse patterns. They can be use all over the home in the kitchen, bathroom,dinning room, bedrooms washroom and more.Tiles are very versatile.

Using grout on the floor tiles should be sealed when necessary to prevent staining.Even though tiles can be used in every area of the house it can get cold under feet so it is good to lay carpets in rooms where necessary.

Hard Wood

Hardwood can be a good choice for any part of the house to use as flooring for any part of then house except the ones that get wet frequently.Solid hardwood is 3/4 inches thick.Unfinished solid hardwood is sanded and finished on the site after the flooring installation while prefinish hardwood needs no site finishing.

Disadvantages of hardwood are its cost and maintenance. It can be prone to scratching and excessive wear and tear.


Linoleum is made with natural material’s and is a great alternative to who love natural products. Cork and juke also linseed oil is some material’s linoleum is made of.


This flooring is durable and resistant to the elements. Vinyl is made usually from acrylic PVC and plastic and it is available at different cost from inexpensive to premium.

Express Your Creativity

Enhance your creativity by changing the look of your home. Rearranging your furniture s and decor can be a pleasant surprise. Express your creative passion in the kitchen by bringing the designs to reality, whether its pictures of food and fruits wonderful attractive things like spices and herbs arranged in a beautiful design. Fresh aromatic herbs can be grown on your window sill that is very convenient and makes your food flavorful and fresh.


Enhancing your Porch

One way of enhancing your porch area is by using scenic windows for an enclosed porch that can be opened up anytime to have that great outdoor feel.

Advantages of having scenic windows that are build on to your porch are. The outside elements don’t hamper you. Bugs and other pest don’t hamper you that much. You can choose scenic windows of different color and size to match the shape design and feel of your home.


Containers Flowers and Plants

Planting plants and flowers in containers to create beautiful gardens can be easily achieved.Flower pots in various sizes, shapes and colors is available at hardware stores. It is affordable and quick to create beautiful container gardens, you can also build boxes out of board and galvanize and hanging flower pots to decorate your patio. Space to relax and read a book also entertaining on the porch, one can design with that on mind.


Center Tables

Center table or coffee tables can be use for multiple use beside decoration. These can be used for to store your favorite books and magazines, a beautiful plant and it can be used for storing other things underneath using plastic boxes or baskets. Another way to have less clutter in your home is by building or fabricating shelves, utilizing your wall space. Ornaments or books,whatever your collection is, shelves built neatly with designs or plainly painted in beautiful colors to compliment your home.

Even though your home is small it can be enhanced by adding art to your walls, visual art or photograph tastefully framed that fit your personality and neatly applied to your walls.

One way to make your apartment seems larger, is to paint it the same color all around in one room e.g walls and door e.t.c.

In a small house or apartment with little space to work with use or purchase smaller furniture s that takes up less space. Add dept by mixing up patterns and colors when using chair covers and cushions giving contrast and flair to your living room.

Ways to a cozy home

Use fabrics with rich textures to make your rooms cozier and luxurious such as fur, velvet satin.These material’s can totally transfer the look and feel of your room done artistically or elegantly casual.

Another idea is to contrast old or historic styles with modern or new e.g old furniture or furnishings along with the new.

Lamps and ceiling lights

When you want your living room or even your dinning area to look elegant and exquisite, add lamps and ceiling lights. A wide arrays of ceiling lights in different colors and sizes arranged in a design or laid out simply. Lamps with different shades,shapes size and color adds beauty and richness.Lighting For You

Decorate Your Home Entry Way

Decorating your home entryway is the beginning or start to showcase the beauty of your home with furniture example a beautiful small table with plants or a beautiful vase with dry floral arrangement. A mirror can be placed above the table to enhance the decorations even more or another alternative can be to construct shelves to display your creative arts and plants.

Beautiful Carpets

Beautiful carpets can make your living room look and feel so different. It brings elegance and even creativity to your home. There are a wide arrays of carpets to choose from such as handmade Jute carpets, Persian rugs, Ethnic nylon carpet, Oriental Moroccan rugs, Kamala rug.

Comfort and Gratification

Creatively enhancing your home can be a fun and rewarding project. Changing your flooring for a better look in different area of your house or whether its ways to make your home more cozy with ideas of a difference. Beautify your patio with plants in containers of all kinds. Erect scenic windows to give your patio protection from the elements. Lamps and ceiling lights another way to decorate and beautify your home for your own comfort and gratification.