No Place Like Home

Out Door Gardening

Do you Know that plants are call our relatives with roots by plant lovers. Having love and respect and showing the uttermost care for plants is a great privilege. It teaches one patience, humility and love for our surroundings’ and environment. We can learn so much from plants, after all we are told that plants have been longer around than people and we should coexist together in harmony and unity for the continual survival of our planet. Having a garden is very important and while caring for our plants we can gain a lot of insights, patience,inspiration, wisdom etc just from attending to them. Gardening takes time and devotion.IT takes a while before you see any results when gardening. Be consistent it will make your surroundings’ beautiful, coming to life as well as rewards from our plants and trees.

Out Door Decorating

We all can make our outdoor e.g our porches very comfortable by adding outdoor pillows and blankets, sofa and porch swings to make your outdoors interesting. Tables,Plants whatever is your decorative taste, choose furniture that can stand up to the rigors of the weather.

Plant trees and plants that will add color, beauty and a wonderful atmosphere. Choose plants and trees that blooms and thrive in the area where you live, thus creating a wonderful oasis. The feel of outside is even more enchanting in the evenings. Solo lamps, candle lights to decorate your trees we can purchase for our enjoyment.

Choosing Plants For your Home

Plants provides color and sometimes aromas with differences like shapes and size. They can add an artistic feel and elegance to any home. Choose plants that adapts well with the interior of your home, adding brightness to a dull space.

Be Creative In Your Garden

We can build bird houses to attract birds into our gardens such as humming birds, robins swallows to name a few. It also adds artistic attraction to the garden.

Encourage frogs and toads to live in your garden as they can help the surroundings’ pest free. They consume hundreds of insects which is win situation.

Companion planting is another way to get creative in your garden. It can deter unwanted pest. Some plants love each other’s company Grow herbs that attract bees and lady bugs which is essential for pollination.

How To Let Plants Thrive

Herbs Planted around pumpkins and cucumbers will help deter aphids, ants and white flies. Marigold and cabbages can be planted side by side. Marigold will repel worms, moths and other pests. Another great combination is onion and carrots. The onion strong smell can guard the carrots from flies and other pest. Other options from the onion family you can try are chives and leeks.

Corn, beans and squash thrive when growing with each other. The beans will add nitrogen to the soil which in turn will nourish the corn and squash. These three plants work perfectly together.

Drought Tolerant Plants

There are many varieties of plants that are drought tolerant and can be planted in gardens that can survive on less water. Drought tolerant plants can be very attractive and beautiful.

Coral Fountain

This beautiful drought tolerant plant produces small orange-red flowers with needle like foliage. This flower is exotic looking and very stunning. Humming birds, bees and other small animals are attracted to the Coral Fountain flowers. These plants can grow up to 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Water infrequently only once a week.

Shrimp Plant

This is a native to Mexico. Guatemala.Another great plant that can be propagated in a drought resistant garden. Birds and bees really love this plant.

We can add mulches around the plants to keep moisture by the roots. Another way is to use irrigation in the garden and the best choice is the drip irrigation system.

Blue Bells

Violent flowers are produce by this plant throughout a whole year. Low maintenance and very little pruning is required from another beautiful plant. Blue bells can be planted where tends to have drought. Plant is 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall and attracts birds and insects.

Tips For The Home

Kitchen counters

There are many beautiful options for your kitchen counters that can be fashioned according to the owner taste. Zinc, concrete,wood and Formica.

Kitchen Ideas

Adding color in the kitchen can give it an unexpected lift, shelves, cabinets,spaces in the home and counter tops can be perked up with beautiful paints. Today we can ask an expert painter or get various tips from the internet.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Technology is getting more and more advanced in our lives. Many of these smart gadgets can be found on Some examples of smart kitchen appliances. Enabled crock pot $199.17 -I devices kitchen thermometer $9.99 -NutriBullet balance smart blender $153.95 -June Oven (7 appliances in one)convection oven, broiler toaster, slow cooker, dehydrator and air fryer $599.00 -GE connected double oven electric convection range. This oven can connect to WiFi also can work with other apps e.g Alexa $2099.99

About The Bedrooms

Make your bedroom beautiful, elegant but yet affordable. Bedroom furniture should be very comfortable. No, matter what size is your bed is it should be very comfortable with mattress pad, fitted sheet, top sheet and comforters. Thread count of 200 to 800 thread is great for a wonderful feel. Silk, cotton or satin sheets should be durable and breathable and come in all sizes, colors,patterns and price range to fit any budget.

Comforters take the cake in the bedroom and can dictate great personality. When purchasing comforters look for the ones you can use on both sides so that it can give you different looks to compliment your room. There are many to choose from made from natural and synthetic fibers.

Pillows can range from Large,medium and small. They can be soft or firm, they are all sorts varying from different prices. Some can be very creative which is good for decorative purposes, while others’ can be very comfortable for regular us

A child bedroom can be spruce up with paintings and brightly colored toys, books and anything that will peak interest in your child and children.

In small spaces you can erect a garden stand with beautiful indoor plants that are attractive and unique giving an outdoor feel or experience. Art can be added giving your home even more quality. Paintings and pictures such as landscape seascape, gardens etc.

No Place Like Home

Decorating our homes and building beautiful gardens can be so fulfilling. Sprucing up the garden with diverse colored plants and rustic looking,comfortable, outdoor furniture to unwind and relax. Adding birdhouses and fountains take our gardens to new levels.

Plant veges and plants that compliment each other.IF you are living in dry regions plant flowers and other plants that can tolerate dry weather.

Giving the exterior or interior of your home a face lift with a new paint job. Go green with solar lights to burn less energy. We can invest in smart appliances which can be inexpensive. Make the home your oasis, your paradise so there will be no Place Like Home.